By the Way

Dusting off our Bibles

January 17, 2022 Southland Family Ministry Season 1 Episode 2
By the Way
Dusting off our Bibles
Show Notes

Often with the start of the New Year come New Year Resolutions. A common one amongst Christians is to read through the Bible in a year. This is an incredible task to undertake that also can seem quite daunting. In this episode, we discuss why it is important to read the Bible and provide some tools and tips to help us in understanding God’s Word. Don't forget you can email us if you have questions or comments at or you find us on Twitter.

Book List:

At the Table
The New City Catechism
The Beginner’s Bible
from the Lifeway Website:
What is a Christian?   
I’m a Christian Now
 Growing in my Faith
The Life of Jesus  


 Think Orange
the Bible Project
She Reads Truth
He Reads Truth